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Referendum might be a dirty word, but its not stopped the launch of the second-most talked about plebiscite in Westminster. While Theresa May was explaining her backstop plan to EU leaders last night, all eyes in parliament were on a far more important matter: the Kennington Tandoori’s new menu.

The Kennington Tandoori’s position, close to Westminster and in the midst of MP second-home-land, makes it the best politico hangout in the country, for those in the know. On any given night it’s rammed full of MPs from all political backgrounds, talking shop, formulating policy and swapping gossip. Needless to say it’s a customer-base who have strongly held views. Great for democracy, but less so if you want to update the menu at their favourite curry-house.

Rumour is that Theresa May’s former bully-boy-in-chief, Nick Timothy, was so incensed that he threatened to introduce a petition to prevent his favourite korma being removed from the menu. But the owners of the KT went one better, throwing a full-blown referendum. Last night’s Referendum put the new dishes up against the old in a battle not seen since June 2016, and was attended by luminaries from across the world of politics.

And the result? The likes of Nick Timothy, Anne Widdecombe, Speaker Bercow, David Cameron and the rest of the restaurant’s patrons will just have to pipe down, the new menu won by a landslide not witnessed since Labour’s 1997 election victory.

The Kennington Tandoori, 313 Kennington Road, SE11 4QE,