Lose Yourself In London’s Most Enchanted Forest

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
22nd October 2018

Enchanted forests are generally the stuff of fairy tales, teaming with elves, trolls and gingerbread houses. At best you’ll get Mr Tumnus and the Beaver family, at worst a three angry bears looking for porridge thiefs. And the received wisdom around enchanted forests is to generally steer clear, ask the TomTom for an alternative route, turn back or seek out a Potter-style invisibility cloak. All that is unless it’s the enchanted forest at Syon Park, in which plunge straight in.

The ‘London home’ of the Duke of Northumberland, Syon Park ain’t no two-up-two-down in Balham but rather an imposing country mansion in West London. The Duke kindly opens up his back garden to commoners like you and me, and thank goodness he does because it means we can check out the enchanted woodland, which returns for another year.

The enchanted woodland is a light show that leads guests on an illuminated trail through the 600-year-old gardens, flooding the trees with a full spectrum of light and creating something truly breath-taking. The route winds around the estate’s ornamental lake and then through Syon’s famous arboretum before ending at the imposing Great Conservatory.

The all-age event is an impressive display, open at weekends throughout November, and ideal for kids, parents and, of course, Instagrammers, who will be attracted to the display quite literally like moths.

Tickets are available online and the weekend tours will take place at Syon Park, London Road, Brentford, TW8 8JF


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