The Handbook
The Handbook

Here’s one for those who carry out their everyday tasks in their active-wear…

It’s 7am, you’re scrolling through insta and a bombardment of sunrise yoga images and downward dogs left, right and centre flood your feed. You? Well, you’re duvet covered, rubbing weary eyes and a resounding “I’ll go next week…” chimes in your head. Long story short, sometimes it’s the actual getting up and going that stops us when it comes to exercise, and I-Guru has the solution…

The bespoke yoga and wellbeing service is renowned for bringing yoga teachers to your door (quite literally), coming to homes, meeting rooms, local parks and pretty much any space you summon them to…within reason, so it’s no longer a stretch for you, (get it?) And now, they’re extending their influence by launching I-Guru Yoga sessions at Mayfair’s Unit London gallery, joining their other venues across the city, where you yogis can enjoy mats and props by Yogamatters, alongside yoga experiences within an inspirational and wholly creative setting. The sessions don’t require a membership, you just simply jump online, fire in your details and drop on in, simple!

Founders Ray Duhaney and Neil Phillips believe that yoga should be uncomplicated and accessible, and we’re totally on side. They say: “The ultimate goal in our quiet revolution is to bring more people to yoga by removing the notion of ‘I can’t do yoga’,” so if you’re someone whose only excuse is the inability to do the Warrior 1, 2 and all other moves come to think of it, then it’s time to rid yourself of trepidation.

So, if you think the Chaturanga Dandasana is a Thai food dish, then it’s time for you to dust off your yoga cobwebs and enjoy some of the many classes on offer, from Dynamic Body Glow and the Restorative Sleep Well, all of which will take you away from the maddening crowd and pings of tube announcements, providing benefits for both the body and the mind.

No more namast’ay-ing in bed, it’s time to extend those arms and legs and find peace of mind at one of I-Guru’s new studio sessions.

 I-Guru sessions begin on Wednesday the 7th of November, and the studio can be found at UNIT London, 3 Hanover Square, W1,