The Handbook Meets Steph Burrows, Founder of POPfit, Celeb’s Favourite Dance Workout

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23rd October 2018

We’re always on a mission to find fun ways to work out, we’re not about that treadmill life and we can’t get enough of POPfit, the dance-inspired fitness class created by Stephanie Burrows. Having trained as a professional dancer at the Royal Ballet School, Steph has also trained in the Lagree Method at Brooklyn Bodyburn; in Pilates at Heartcore Fitness in London and became personal trainer to her close friend, A-lister Kate Hudson. This year she opened her first boutique fitness studio and launched her brand new method POPfit.

Tell us about the POPfit method?

POPfit Method is a full body conditioning workout that combines cardio, strength and stretch using body weight work. We set out to create a workout without equipment so you connect to your body and the music which we believe is more enjoyable and highly effective. My mission was to create a workout that you can enjoy so you FEEL awesome doing it, not just afterwards. I started developing the POPfit Method in January 2017 with my friend from The Royal Ballet School, Antonette Dayrit.

With an influx of people enjoying pilates, plyometrics, yoga, have you seen a surge in POPfit’s popularity?

Yes absolutely. I think people are really taking to it which is so exciting. It’s amazing bringing something new to the fitness scene but it’s also a challenge because people don’t know what the class is (until they try it)! Our big thing is moving to music, it’s not dance, it is pure fitness but it has dance elements as we choreograph it all to music.

Where you’re not living the POPfit life, what else do you enjoy doing in London?

I have a husband and 2 daughters so most of my time is spent with them when I’m not at POPfit. I also love food! So going out for dinner and wine with my hubby and friends is where you’ll find me.

Which restaurant and/or café would we be most likely to find you in, in the city?

Roka on Charlotte Street is a favourite. I love the food and cocktails. Closer to home, Rawduck and of course our neighbours at Mare Street Market (check out their Saturday brunch as its delicious and you get a discount if you’ve been to a POPfit Saturday class too!).

Aside from Kate Hudson, have any other famous faces graced your studio?

Yeah a fair few. Melanie C (Sporty Spice), the band Muse, Edith Bowman & Kate Nash have all been along to classes and loving the POPfit Method.

You have two daughters – how do you find the work/life balance when it comes to running POPfit?

It’s hard. I think for any working parent it’s hard. However, we also live in London Fields so I’m able to be at home and work without any real commute and that really helps. I make a really big effort to balance it out but the reality is sometimes I feel like a really bad business owner but a great mum or a great business owner and a terrible mother! I’m always working towards finding a good balance, aren’t we all!

Pop Fit

Do you have a favourite POPfit playlist?

I have two favourite tracks! Give it 2 me by Madonna from our special Madonna 60th POPqueen class and I Like It by Cardi B from our POPfit Signature class are my favourite tracks at the moment but the thing with POPfit is that we are always adding new tracks so it changes all the time.

You trained closely with friend Kate Hudson – what was that like?

Kate’s brilliant to train and a lot of fun. She works hard, she knows how to use her body and it’s a real pleasure to workout with her.

How did your partnership with Kate Hudson and Fabletics come about?

Kate and I have been friends for about 7 years. We were mum friends first and then started working out together. Both being dancers we had a lot in common. When I was creating the POPfit Method, Kate was really supportive and into the idea. She gave me the confidence to seriously pursue it and got her company Fabletics involved as well. I feel so lucky to have the partnership, they’re amazing to work with, our brand ethos is really aligned so it’s been a good fit all round.

When you’re in the studio, which Fabletics items can we expect to see you in?

Always their High Waisted Powerhold leggings. They’re perfect for when you’ve had 2 kids and want that extra bit of support. I’m also loving their Ellie High Support bras, we jump A LOT in POPfit and it’s perfect for that.

Do you have a favourite Fabletics item at present?

All the Fabletics outfits are gorgeous and really do inspire people to workout I think. We’re so lucky to have the first UK Fabletics store in the studio at POPfit so I get to try on all the latest pieces, a favourite at the moment is the new animal print range.

The studio is beautiful – why did you opt for that specific location?

Thanks! Yes I did, I love London Fields, I think the area has so much life. The restaurants, cafes, people just have a lovely vibe. It feels like a community here and I think that’s quite rare to find in London so I knew it was where I wanted to launch POPfit.

Are there any plans to expand in the future?

I would love to share POPfit with more people but right now my focus is very much on this studio.

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