Ready to try your next afternoon tea? Yes, obviously. In which case let us introduce you to the rather fancy Japanese restaurant, Ginza Onodera because they have partnered with Tsujiri Matcha House to launch Onodera Ochakai, an afternoon tea but different.

Gone are the sandwiches with dried edges and the scones and instead you’ll find sushi spider rolls, filled with deep fried soft shell crab and wasabi sauce; mini sliders of premium Wagyu beef and pots of lightly seared salmon tataki. You’ll also find Ginza Onodera’s signature chicken karaage, lightly battered and served with lemon and sundried chillies. Rather than cakes the tea will end with Kinako blancmange with black sugar syrup and chocolate gateau served with matcha sauce.
Teas come from legendary Japanese Matcha house, Tsujiri. Blends include the signature Matcha, the elegant and sweet Kabusecha and nutty Genmaicha. You can either choose one or you can explore the traditional Ochakai, Japanese tea party by choosing two teas and having your matcha specially brewed at the table, we could say it’s a matcha made in heaven if we were into terrible puns, which we most definitely are.

This being London, they will of course be the option to have it with a cocktail, sparkling wine or you can make it bottomless.

The Onodera Ochakai afternoon tea will be served from 2-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Pre-booking is essential.