The Vegan Restaurant That’s Selling Us Cannabis

By Phil Clarke |
16th October 2018

I was gonna write this article, but then I got high. You know the rest. Yes, by CHLOE has a new cannabis-infused menu, and it’s giving us the munchies.

The vegan restaurant may be no stranger to the power of plants, being an all-vegan import straight from New York. But this is something a little different. While competitors are busy slotting together another salad or grilling yet another aubergine, by CHLOE was cooking up something entirely alternative.

The menu draws on CBD, the chill-out ingredient in actual cannabis, and their Feelz by CHLOE menu gives a whole span of baked (geddit?) goods. Pastries include items like Rainbowey Ooey Gooey Cinnamoney Rolls, Suga Cinnamoney Espressoey Cookey and Chocolatey Leafy Browney. If you thought someone must’ve been puffing away on something when they named those, the cupcakes include¬†whoopie pies, Funfetti babka and everything is pumped full of CBD.

Because weed hasn’t really been seriously cool since about the 1970s, they’ve even recreated the decade of brown everything with a¬†70s glam den, fitted with disco balls, lava lamps, magical rainbows, and glittery gold. There’s even a playlist!

So get high on by CHLOE’s supply this autumn. Peace out.

34-43 Russell Streeet, Covent Garden, WC2B 5HA

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