The Lucky Voice Hangover Club Is Here To Save You This Christmas

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
12th October 2018

Feeling a little worse for wear after your Christmas party? Is the thought of another night out making you feel a little weepy? Fear not, because Lucky Voice has come up with a genius idea, the Christmas Party Hangover Club, which is essentially a night in, but out.

Rather than stay in, going over and over how you drunk called your ex about ten times before blocking them in the hope they might not noticed, get your friends together and head to Lucky Voice where you can cosy down under a blanket for an evening of pizza and Christmas films. They’ll even provide PJs if you’ve forgotten your own or you didn’t make it home the night before.

As well as watching classics such as Love Actually and Elf in a darkened room, where no one has to see your face, there’ll be plenty of carbs in the form of pizza, the I’m Still Standing anti-hangover cocktail made with fresh ginger, Sicilian lemons, sugar and gin and even pep talks. Yep we all know that the older you get the more the drunk anxiety sets in, things that wouldn’t have even fazed us at university now leave us feeling slightly mortified, so the Lucky Voice bar staff will be on hand to provide hugs, a shoulder to cry on and some moral boosting pep talks. We’re told they’ve seen it all, so no need to feel embarrassed about telling them how you posted those drunken blurry Instagram stories at 3am. Then when you’re feeling a little more alive you can take on the mood-boosting singing, boosting your endorphins and combatting anxiety. They have over 9,000 songs to choose from so banish the post-party fear, who knows it might even leave you feeling like you want to go back out again…

The Lucky Voice Christmas Hangover Club will run from November 1st right through to Christmas. It will be available at all bars: Islington, Soho and Brighton.

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