Las Banderas, we love you! Why, you ask? Well just because they’re serving up a halloumi-themed bottomless brunch and our prayers have been answered. Seriously, we called out for a brunch like this and were answered with Hallou, is it mi you’re looking for? And yes, that is my worst pun yet.

Anyway, I’ll stop being cheesy; onto the serious stuff. The halloumi brunch will be available at Soho’s Las Banderas from Saturday 20 October until Sunday 18 November. So, you’ve already missed out on a week if you’re reading this: get your skates on, cheezus!

It appears we’ve got Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) to thank for the brunch, and thank them we will as we indulge in all of the halloumi-based dishes on offer. So what’s on the menu? Well there’s Croque Cypressa; sourdough, halloumi marmita mornay, grilled halloumi, pork belly and fried eggs, Halloumi Waffles, Halloumi Aubergine Pancakes and Halloumi based Eggs and Soldiers. However, we’re intrigued by the taste of the halloumopitta; a bit of a mouthful to say and to eat! It includes scrambled eggs, smoked salmon taramasalata, sourdough oh and halloumi, of course!

For drinks – as we know halloumi, despite being amazing, can be a bit of a salty overload – there will be Fig and Campari Spritz or a Harissa Bloody Mary.

So, if you’re ready to say cheese visit Las Banderas Restaurant,  68-70 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 0TB. Book your spot by emailing