6 Reasons Why This Dating App Will Make You Delete Tinder… Forever

By Lottie Hulme |
14th November 2018

It’s getting to that time again where singletons feel somewhat like Mark in Love Actually’s Mark, desperately holding up declarations of love on a young Keira Knightley’s doorstep.

Christmas. A time where those without a better half wretch at the sight of mistletoe and matching Santa onesies. This year however, naughty or nice, there’s a gift that keeps on giving in the form of dating app The Inner Circle. The miracle dating app makes connecting super easy by skilfully selecting from the dating pond those most likely to be your Prince (or Princess) Charming. Plus, it’s more than just dating, it’s a club. Yep, The Inner Circle love a good soiree, and as part of that circle you’ll always be invited along. In effect, it’s a guaranteed no-Catfishing zone, plus you won’t catch a glimpse of your match sliding the wedding ring back on as soon as they’ve pushed the chair back in on the first date.

So, here’s why we think you should ditch Tinder and swipe right on The Inner Circle.

1. Screening Is The New Swiping

That’s right say goodbye to having a stab in the dark swipe marathon and instead benefit from expert screening. The Inner Circle eliminate cat-fishing by producing a more relevant dating pool, favouring those with stellar careers who are young, intelligent and know better than to ghost you!

2. Swap Dingy Café Dating To Exclusive International Events

The Inner Circle put on exclusive events for their members. From trips to the polo to swanky events in private members’ clubs. Come on, you must admit that a Sofitel Singapore party or after work drinks at Brass Bar in Stockholm kinda rival butterfly chicken at Nando’s?

3. Say Goodbye To Swipe Fatigue

Laid out in a sexy grid format, The Inner Circle dispel early onset RSI and allow you to view all of your potential suitors in grid format, giving your fingers a much-needed rest from swiping.

4. The Spots Feature Is A Godsend

How awks is it when you’re chatting to someone, trying to decide where the heck to go for your first meet-up, despite not knowing anything about them (bar their name, age and “supposed” height, that is). Well, good news! The Inner Circle has a ridiculously handy feature. This allows you to share your favourite local hotspots with each other, so you can see where you both like. Awkwardness? Avoided.

5. Dating Across The Continents

Yes, you can get Tinder in other countries, granted. But, can you let your potential matches know you’re en-route prior to your visit?  The Inner Circle allows you to share where you’re going in advance, so if it’s the Aussie accent that gets you throwing all your shrimps into one basket, or if it’s French that sees you quoting a phrase along the lines of “voulez-vous” then The Inner Circle have got you covered.

6. No More Feeling Totes Overwhelmed

Have you ever swiped so much you think blimey, I’ve definitely covered a whole city? Not with The Inner Circle. The pure efficiency of screening means you won’t find yourself being overwhelmed by the amount of profiles. Quality over quantity and all that.

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