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Donate A Coat, Change A Life This Christmas

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By Phil Clarke | 14th November 2018

Look forward to snuggling up by a warm fire this Christmas, opening stockings with children and sipping Champagne or eggnog (yuk!). Bing Crosby on the radio and surrounded by family and loved ones. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Unless you’re homeless, that is.

Christmas is all sorts of miserable for society’s most vulnerable, not only emotionally – how pathetic it must feel to wander the streets on Christmas day, gazing into rooms lit by the fairy-light and filled with love. Add to that the biting cold and you have a recipe for despair. From the outside, it’s difficult to know what to do.

Well, there is one, small, thing you can contribute though: donate a coat.

Now in its seventh year, ‘Wrap Up London’ takes donated coats and distributes them among rough sleepers, the needy and those for who a second-hand coat might mean everything. The campaign has collected over 100,000 coats since it began in 2012, and expects to distribute over 24,000 this year to over 100 charities, homeless shelters, vulnerable women and children centres, elderly people in need and refugees. It’s a small way that you can make a big difference to lives this festive season, quite literally warming hearts just at the moment that the mercury, literal and emotional, plummets.

So if you have any unloved coats clogging your wardrobe, hanging untouched on pegs or vacuum packed under the bed, then what better way to effortlessly change someone’s Christmas? Drop them off at Safestore locations and selected tube stations across the capital from 12th to 23rd November; check out the link below for more details.