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The Handbook
The Handbook
By | 13th November 2018

Another day, another winter rooftop, right? Not right: Queen of Hoxton have gone in a very different direction, and we’re loving it. Welcome to Lady Celeste’s Parisian Rooftop Bar.

Between now and April head to Queen of Hoxton and step back in time and place to the surrealist Paris of the 1900s; a world of extremes, of glamour, of romance and excess. Think Moulin Rouge on something mind-altering on a roof. And you’ve half grasped it.

The massive great rooftop wigwam has been transformed into a music hall, dripping in velvet drapes, strewn with cabaret tables and oh-so-bizarre characters. Sip hot tarte tatin rum, warm up with Parisian spiked hot chocolate, down absinthe from the sharing fountain or stand firm for a mulled port or wine cocktail.

The rooftop is a romantic back-alley Monmartre-style Bohemia, specked with romantic lights and the all-important fire-pits (coz weather) round every corner. Expect glory and grandeur, seediness and seduction as you feast on cheese and wine from the Parisian kitchen serving raclette covered dishes like the “Moulin Ooze”, mustard washed toasted sandwiches with Gruyere cheese, raclette, Lady Marmalade onions (what else?) and Dijon mustard. Or try the “Henri Toulouse Burger”, made of a beef patty charred Toulouse sausage and covered with Gruyere cheese, just as the French artists would’ve (might’ve) wanted.

The craziness will be only heightened by a series of immersive events throughout the winter, making sure that guests are entertained. From surrealist life drawing to French feasts in collaboration with Borough Market sellers, not to mention French language exchange speed dating, there’s a LOT to take in.

Which is only right, this is a place where the traditions of the Moulin Rouge meet the surrealism of the film Moulin Rouge and there’s even an actual Moulin Rouge on the rooftop, just because they can, can, can.

The Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop is open until April 2019