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The World’s Greatest Snowman

Chew, chew! Did someone say all aboard the fun train? How about choo-chooing your way through a four-course meal by BBC MasterChef finalist Louisa Ellis? Yep, we thought that’d get you on the right tracks to reading more…

By way of introduction, and for those who don’t know but totally should, Funicular are a collective of award-winning theatre professionals whose last show-stopping projects you may be familiar with. That’s right, Funicular saw attendees ready to board the elegant dining car on The Murdér Express as well as descending into the dangerous depths of the underworld with a sultry gatekeeper as they Journeyed To The Underworld. Now, in fitting with the festivities, Funicular return with The Greatest Snowman, a pun on popular new-release The Greatest Showman starring Zac Efron. We hope. Either that or they really do think they’ve discovered the greatest snowman of all time. There’s really snow way of knowing!

The experience is an immersive dining and theatre extravaganza that will see Londoners boarding a luxury train for an evening of festivities, food and fandango-ing. You’ll board at Pedley Street Station and be intercepted by Santa Claus’ agents along the way, as mysterious forces work on a secret Christmas mission which disrupts Ed Snow (who we assume is the snowman in question) and his travel plans!

Ever the creators of total and utter carnage, Funicular sure do know how to throw a good old party. This one in particular will see you enjoy a scrumptious meal with drinks a’plenty, laugh until your sides hurt and spend it all at one heck of an unforgettable setting. What’s not to love?

The Greatest Snowman is running now until the 23rd of December. Visit here for tickets