Bumper Cars On Ice? Yes Please!

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
11th December 2018

Bumper cars on ice. You and I both know that, in those four words, I’ve already conveyed all the facts you need to know so that you’re 100% sold. Here’s the link for tickets, I’m not paid by the word anyway, so thank me later and read this article complaining about Harrods instead. Or this one about slugs.

In case anyone’s still reading, there are a couple of catches (it’s in Elephant and a £6 session lasts about the length of an average YouTube video), but otherwise it really is as good as it sounds. Actual dodgems on actual ice.

Presumably along the way someone with a physics GCSE stepped in and pointed out that mixing actual bumper cars (famously powered by mains electricity) and water might be sort of not a great plan, so instead of the usual setup (itinerant market town fairground, lapsed Health and Safety certificate and so on) expect a whole professional ice rink, no constant sparks raining down on you, or being told off for actually bumping the bumper cars and, importantly, even more fun.

We all know how enjoyable bumper cars are, right? Well picture that mayhem but on ice. Add in DJs, lights and street food and you’ve basically got a winning formula.


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