It’s all going down at the Natural History Museum this Christmas – we’re talking sleeping over Night at the Museum style, alongside a wow-worthy NYE bash, and yoga to calm you down afterwards! Clearly not one’s to shy away from adventure, the major London staple may be informative when it comes to the historical, but boy are they party animals once the lights go down. Here’s just some of what’s on offer:

Catch a Killer

Whilst we really do hope this isn’t in the literal sense, Catch a Killer is presented as a game whereby a killer is on the loose and it’s up to you, an untrained, unassuming member of the public to catch said killer based on gathering evidence, carrying out experiments and bringing criminals to justice. Totally one for those who love a bit of whodunnit and boss Cluedo whenever it’s put on the table.

Silent Disco 

We all love a silent disco! Especially when you remove one headphone and indulge in the complete awkwardness of people all dancing silently in a room, and the museum are on side. The event will see you party in a grand ‘ol space in one of the most iconic spaces, alongside a full bar offering a wide selection of drinks. Three DJs will dance you into the evening under neon lights – it’s a real must-boogie!

Did Someone Say Slumber Party?

Fed up of sleeping in your own bed? Not to fear, Dino Snores for grown-ups are here! As intrigued as we were? Well, the night will begin with you grabbing a tipple in Hintze Hall as you set up camp, and as the evening begins to unfold you’ll experience a roaring amount of events, as follows: a delicious three-course dinner, a trip to the galleries and temporary exhibitions, live music, gin sampling with Sipsmith, stand-up comedy, science show, dinosaur-themed games room, live animal workshop, a pub quiz, edible insect tasting and an all-night monster movie marathon. Essentially, it’s the strangest sleepover you’ve ever attended, and there can’t be much amiss with that!

A Whale Of A Workout

If you’re more into the relaxing side of things, and eating bugs at the Dino Snores slumber party doesn’t sound too appealing, then indulge in some whale yoga. No, you’re not positioned delicately upon a humpback, but rather under one. Yogis will gather up under the whale skeleton in Hintze Hall and energise the body through a series of ancient yogic movements and poses that connect with the Museum’s collections and ties to the natural world. To finish off, you’ll be able to wander through one of the museum’s exhibitions before the museum opens!

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