The Handbook
The Handbook

A serial killer has been on the loose. A man is in custody. A notorious, dangerous psychopath has finally been caught. The police think they have their man. The city can now sleep easy.

Or can they?

Fresh from a sell-out run of Secret Theatre Singapore, the team are back in London for an epic, chilling immersive courtroom thriller. Dubbed as Silence of the Lambs meets Black Mirror, guests will be transported to a time where the audience decide the fate of the accused. Time and technology have eclipsed the need for a jury of fellow people.

Taking place in an opulent, historic (and until the event, secret) venue, the audience will investigate the scenes, interview the accused and decide, is he guilty?

Will you get the right man?

After the lights and sparkle of Christmas events, this immersive experience will start off the new year with a gripping court case that’s a must.

Check out the trailer to see more…

Taking place from 25th January – 3rd March 2019, there is an option for a pre-dinner show too.

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