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The Lion King Musical Is Going On Tour

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By Lottie Hulme | 16th January 2019

We’ve got absolutely no worries for the rest of our days after the announcement that there will be a second UK and Ireland tour of The Lion King! That’s right, the roaringly popular award-winning musical The Lion King is going on a whirlwind tour and we couldn’t be happier! I mean it’s no biggie but The Lion King musical has been seen by 95 million people since its Broadway premiere on November 13th 1997, so a fair few! The tour coincides with its celebration of 20 years at London’s Lyceum Theatre. We don’t know about you but that certainly makes us feel old…

So where do the shenanigans commence? Well, things begin in burly Bristol in September before hop, skip and whizzing up to Edinburgh in December towards the end of the year with further cities yet to be announced.

Set to be the mane event of your year, the celebration will see The Lion King’s company hosting a gala performance, performing at live events on TV and celebrating its many charity and outreach partnerships. In other words, if you’re a Lion King fan then you’re absolutely sorted. Last time the pride put on a tour it was pretty darn recording breaking as a cast of over 50 actors, singers and dancers retold the adored story using a plethora of masks, puppets and super striking costumes.

Illuminating African in a multitude of ways, The Lion King Musical recreates the rich colours and vast expanses of the continent we know and love, and six 1998 Tony Awards later we’re hardly surprised it’s a roaring success!

It’s the story we grew up with, the tale that can lift you up and bring you down within a heartbeat and it’s an integral part of our lives in some way or another.

Think fast! Tickets for Bristol are going on sale in Feb, and for Edinburgh it’ll be March. Patrons can sign up for priority access to tickets here