5 Reasons You Need To Get Tickets To Secret Cinema

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28th January 2019

In the world of immersive cinemas, Secret Cinema is top dog. If you’ve been then you’ll know why, if you haven’t been then now is the time to get in the know. Why? Because they have just released more tickets to their latest event, which is all centred around the daring world of espionage and the film, Casino Royale.

So much more than just a screening of a James Bond classic, we have rounded up the top 5 reasons we love Secret Cinema and why you should too.

The Build Up

The event doesn’t just start when you get to the cinema, oh no. You don’t just think one evening, ‘I want to go to Secret Cinema’ that’s not how it works. 1) Good luck getting a ticket at such short notice, because they sell out faster than you can say immersive cinema experience and 2) it’s all about the build-up to the event. Once you’ve got your hands on an elusive ticket then you’ll be welcomed into the Secret Cinema world, given a new name and identity, a back story, a dress code and briefed on the role that you’ll need to play at the event. With the latest show you’ll be recruited by either the Q Branch or the M Branch and prepped so that you’re ready for a night of high stakes and deception.

The Sets 

The thing with Secret Cinema, is that it’s not actually held in a cinema, (we’re guessing finding a cinema to seat 1000 people dressed as spies might cause some logistical issues) instead they are held in all manner of places, from parks to warehouses. And all that space means they can go all out with the sets. Take the Romeo + Juliet event from last year, they built the Capulet castle, the Montague’s garage, a church, they recreated Miami beach with merry-go-rounds and Ferris wheels, there were even cars driving round. They don’t hold back here.

It’s Not Just Cinema

Ok, so we’ve already established that this isn’t your usual cinema experience. We’ve got that far.  Whereas with the usual cinema experience you try and time it, so you miss the ads but maybe get in a trailer, that’s not the case at Secret Cinema though. You want to get there as early as possible to catch all the immersive acts before the film, to engage in your missions and to get lost in the storylines. Trust us, you might usually cringe at the thought of having to participate, but once you get there you’ll find yourself getting swept up in the drama of it and soon you’ll be living out your James Bond dreams…. You’ll want to check out the food trucks too, they’re all curated to match the world that Secret Cinema has created and they cater for everyone.

It’s Ultimate Date Goals

Going to the cinema on a date might be rather circa 2005, but not if it’s Secret Cinema. If your date says they have Secret Cinema tickets you’re onto a winner. And as well as there being excellent food and a chance to see your date’s acting skills, they also don’t allow phones. They do it to keep the secrecy so you don’t go plastering it all over Instagram but also it means they aren’t going to be distracted by their phones…not that they should be whilst on a date with you.

It’s Secret

An obvious point you might say and yes, granted, there are going to be some people who ruin the surprise and who need to question their motives about that, but for the best part they manage to keep it a secret which is pretty impressive for a production of this size. When you first walk in and see the set, see the effort everyone has gone to with their costumes and you sense the excitement there is no better buzz.

So, there you go, the reasons you need to get your tickets for Secret Cinema now. 

Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale takes place from 5th June – 22nd September 2019. Prices start at £49 + booking fee with VIP packages from £125 + booking fee also available. Full details and tickets can be found on the link below. Follow the story across social media using the hashtags #TrustNoOne


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