Have You Seen Canary Wharf’s Incredible Winter Lights Festival?

By Lottie Hulme |
17th January 2019

Photo credit: @stylepersonal, @irumtje, @henrysx

Who said that just because Christmas and all of its marvellous festivities are over it means we can’t have vivacious, electric and mesmerising light festivals across this booming city of ours? Well, one busy financial hub that certainly did not say it is Canary Wharf; the proof being their incredibly must-see light display that’ll break your phone with beauty.

Banishing rumours that Christmas is the only time for sparkle, the region of London turned on their charm on Tuesday with a light display that showcases installations of neon and LED galore, eccentrically shaped objects resembling shards of glowing glass, blooming flowers and iridescent trees and smotherings of sparkle everywhere you turn.

Photo credit: @henrysx

What else is on offer? Well, you’ll catch glimpses of elephant projections, Prismatica which displays 50 pivoting prisms showing kaleidoscopic displays of daily life, a Heofon Light Maze showing the full range of the rainbow and glowing projections of rare animals and birds as part of the Last Parade sequence.

The festival has been a platform for European artists to gather and come together over their love of light. The result? The dazzling displays we see before us, showing the flexibility light has to illuminate even the most unexpected of places.

Canary Wharf are letting there be light until the 26th of January, so go and gawp to your hearts contents for free, might we add! Find more information here

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