Chock It Out! London’s First Chocktail Bar Is Coming!

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
9th January 2019

Chocktails, anybody? I mean, as IF you needed to ask. Fill her up.

London is getting its first chocolate cocktail bar and we’re basically already pitching our tent and sleeping bag outside like it’s an iPhone launch so that we can be first through the door when it opens. The concept, from Holly Brooks and Rachel Wisson has already taken Brighton by storm, and now it’s en-route to London with every cocktail being chocolate based.

Quite how we managed to go this long without a cocktail bar dedicated to chocolate is a mystery (I just read that back and it sounds as though it’s dripping with sarcasm, genuinely it’s not. If you could see my desk, strewn with Cadbury’s Creme Egg wrappers, you’d realise I’m being deadly serious), but the fix comes next Thursday and it sounds awesome.

Book a ticket that’ll last you an hour and a half and you’ll receive a classic Chocolate Chocotini on arrival, or just walk in and take your pick of the 12 chocolatey menu marvels that include favourites like Clockwork Orange and After Eight. They even do chocolate beers and wine.

So it’s chocks away and we’re off to Brick Lane for a guaranteed chocolate hangover.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club opens on Thursday 17th January at 202 Brick Lane, E1 6SA

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