Ever get tired of spending hours on end looking online for a great place to eat, with a menu and stunning scenery to match? So do we – sometimes it seems impossible to find a restaurant that ticks all three boxes when it comes to dining out in London. Well, good news; London’s most exhilarating dining experience, a pop-up suspended 100 feet from the ground offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and (Champagne Taittinger flights), has returned – and we’re feeling all sorts of vertigo!

As the name suggests, guests who dare take up a seat at the infamous London In The Sky table will be suspended 100 feet above the ground during the hour long sessions. We don’t know about you but an hour seems like a preeeetty long time to be suspended in the sky… alas, if you’re ready for the challenging then read on, dear friends.

If you want to wow your date then this is a pretty good start (unless they’re scared of heights, in which case we’d throw in the towel now). The 22-seat Sky Table will see you gazing at the epic surroundings of the city, whilst laugh at fellow Londoners as they mill about below doing nothing quite as cool as you are. There are eight flights in total per day, so a little less than your average airport, taking daredevil guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner experiences alongside prosecco and cake and flights – yum!

Each of the flights has a specially curated menu which, we assure, will be a far cry away from typical plane food. Food from top London chefs and drinks from the crème de la crème of mixologists will be served in front of you. Word of warning? Don’t get too merry, we’re sure that probably won’t end well. You can also add extra embellishments such as Champers to your list whilst booking, and clink glasses to your bravery up high.

High end dining is about to be taken to a whole new level…

The London In The Sky experience will take place from the 1st of May – 15th of July. Get up, up and away here

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