Storytelling In A Wigwam (And It’s For Grownups)

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
24th January 2019

When was the last time you listened to a really good story? Not your colleague explaining why she had to sleep in the office last night because she got drunk and forgot her keys. Or your friend making up a dying relative to get out of that long-planned drink. No, I mean a real story. A story that will mesmerise you, that will set your hair on end, that will inspire you and leave you desperate for more. Chances are you were wearing onesie pyjamas and lying in bed aged about four. Maybe it’s time to experience it again (jammies optional).

Queen Of Hoxton are running an evening of story telling, and we’re all over it. Rooftop venue? Check!¬†Alcohol? Check! Storyteller? Check! Wigwam? Double check. We’re on.

Giles Abbott is a master story-teller. In a world where oral history is largely forgotten, replaced by podcasts at best, he’s our link to how stories should really be told. Mixing the traditional with the modern and responding to his surroundings and his audiences he really will draw you in as you gather to hear a story told properly.

And stories need atmosphere, place and drama. And what could be more dramatic than a rooftop wigwam? Queen of Hoxton have one of the coolest places in London to host Abbott, it’s the perfect story-telling location (other than bed).

What’s more: it’s free! So if you’re sitting comfortably, he’ll begin…

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