It’s that time of year where, if you look closely enough, you may just be able to see a little man flying about the sky somewhat resembling the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. Yep, Cupid and his bow and arrow are on their way back for another year of Valentine’s Day matchmaking. However, if your singleton self has not yet felt the pang of an arrow in the back it might just be time to turn to the The Inner Circle, the dating app with a real difference, and one that we can’t get enough of here at The Handbook.

So why do we love The Inner Circle? Well purely because it’s a dating app that’ll see you kissing goodbye to Valentine’s Day avoidance and the likes of cuffing season through serious match filtering. This means you join up with people with similar interests and backgrounds as you, making you statistically much more likely to hit it off! The aim of the app is to help connect like-minded professionals and really showcase the crème de la crème of the dating scene. In essence, you’ll be donning #relationshipgoals comments under your Insta snaps in no time.

The Inner Circle allows you to wave goodbye to having a stab in the dark swipe marathon and instead benefit from expert screening. They eliminate cat-fishing by producing a more relevant dating pool, favouring those with stellar careers who are young, intelligent and know better than to ghost you. So, the guy who lives in his mum’s basement feeding his video game fetish can be gone and someone more fond of a candlelit dinner or two can show their face! What’s more, you can use all of the energy you save swiping by enjoying one of The Inner Circle’s numerous exclusive events, thrown internationally might we add! Come on, you must admit that a Sofitel Singapore party or after work drinks at Brass Bar in Stockholm kinda rival butterfly chicken at Nando’s?

So, if you fancy cranking up the volume on your dating game (and even locking down a date for Valentine’s Day) then become part of the best circle in the city and thank us later!

Download The Inner Circle for free here…