The Beast From The East Returns

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
15th January 2019

2018 was the year of Love Island, England coming together over the World Cup and a summer heatwave like no other in recent years. A year of extremes, it was also the year of the Beast from the East. And whilst we know that come the summer Love Island will be returning, it seems like there is also potentially another come back in the pipeline. Yep, it appears that the rumours may well be true as the cold snap is looking set to return to England: it’s the Beast from the East 2.0.

This is when winter is at its bleakest, it’s no longer acceptable to eat mince pies morning, noon and night and spring still feels like a distant memory, so London turning into a white, winter, wonderland and snow days all round (you know half the tube lines won’t be running at the first glimpse of a snowflake) would at least bring a little excitement to this dark time. Temperatures are set to drop this Thursday to a rather nippy 5 degrees in London with every chance of it dipping down below freezing and staying low for the foreseeable future. And experts are saying that they are seeing the same patterns as last year, sudden stratospheric warming or SSW is responsible for periods of much cold weather and the weather is starting to head our way.

According to The Met Office as we head towards the end of the month and into the start of February, we can expect strong winds, sleet, frost and snow. Admittedly the snow is more likely to be in the north, but there is an increased risk in the lower levels and down south too. Look at the BBC Weather though and they are predicting snowy sleet as early as next Tuesday and that’s in London. We know weather is changeable, but for now, we’re going to put our money on the Beast from the East making a return, even if it is fleeting.

So get your warm coats at the ready, start thinking of how you can get your boss to give you a snow day and fingers crossed the Beast from the East brings as a flurry of snow.

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