The Handbook
The Handbook

Gingerline is back with a bang, a whizz and a choo-choo! The dining trailblazers, known for immersive events such as Juniper Manor and The Faculty of Eatucation, are giving us the gift of The Great Expedition, a rather mysterious sounding adventure which – in true immersive experience fashion – will be taking place in a top, TOP, secret location on the Victoria line. Not ones to do things in half measures, Gingerline has jumped aboard the technology bandwagon and will send texts to revellers with directions to the address on the day of the adventure. So, if you hate spontaneity than maybe you’re better boarding another carriage…

So what can we expect? Well, the higgledy-piggeldly affair will involve a dance spectacle, multimedia stimulation, a part supper club and, of course, a tonne of eccentric performance and storytelling. In essence, if you like food (who doesn’t?!) and you’re into a bit of crazy and/ or your star sign is Aquarius, then you’re probably going to love this. Guests will step onto a theatrical set framed by landscapes of clouds but alas, no photos can be taken to keep this hush, hush. So, if you’re “doing it for the gram” there’s probably no point you turning up… sorry!

In fact, things are so top secret that even us writers have been sworn to secrecy, allowing the event itself to do the talking. What we do know however is that the experience – a brainchild of Gingerline founders and food fanatics Suzannah Montfort and Kerry Adamson – will whirl its guests into a world of utter surrealism and hilarity with its fusion of animation, creative set designs and moreish food! 

Of the experience, the founders said they invented it “based on the most analogue of pastimes: pop-up books and bedtime stories, the tales they tell and the dreams they can induce. It’s designed for grown-ups but inspired by the adventures we dreamed of having as children.” And so, if you fancy backdating to your childhood and embracing your inner big kid, and attending an immersive event Vogue has deemed “the hottest ticket in town,” then look no further!

Find Gingerline at…Ooo, yes sorry that’s a secret! And, get your tickets from the train conductor here