Ever wanted to dine in a space capsule? Well, albeit bizarre, if this is a fantasy of yours then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at Bread Street Kitchen’s latest whacky dining extravaganza. It appears an unidentified object has taken up occupancy at the restaurant, taking on the appearance of what we can only assume to be a vivaciously orange and yet cosy capsule that’ll have the other diners looking on in envy, and perhaps slight confusion…

Eight people can fit inside for a rather odd, Doctor Who-esque dining experience that’s out of this world, if we do say so ourselves. The cosmic experience comes at a price per person (or alien) and includes food fit for the extraterrestrial such as snow crab California rolls and lollipop tamarind chicken wings. You’ll also get a cocktail upon arrival and other sharing dishes.

You can zoom off to space seven days a week at the hands of Gordon Ramsay who is the brains behind this whacky experience. The pod has gained a whole load of traction in person and across social media with its luxe velvet banquets and unique menu. So, if fine dining just isn’t cutting the cloth for you anymore then get spacey at Bread Street Kitchen.

Crazy Space Capsule Dining Experience can be found at Bread Street Kitchen, 10 Bread Street, EC4M 9AJ. Find more information here