The Handbook
The Handbook

As we all know, art can take many forms – oil painting masterpieces, unmade beds, preserved bodies, messages sprayed on the sides of buildings and of course art performances. Not one to be confined by boundaries, The Waldorf Project is back with its fourth chapter BARZAKH and it’s been described as the ‘world’s most extreme art performance’, but what’s it all really about?

What is The Waldorf Project?

Since its inception back in 2012 as a multi-sensory dining experience, The Waldorf Project has been a revolutionary voice in performance art, putting on radical immersive experiences and experiments in consciousness in theatres. They’ve put on performances around the world, from Stockholm to Thailand and now they are headed to London to perform in the Old Shredded Wheat factory.

What is BARZAKH?

Barzakh means ‘purgatory’, the state between this world and whatever awaits us after death. The fourth chapter in The Waldorf Project’s journey, it’s been seven years in the making. Expert research has spanned science, the senses, spirituality and psychologically all with the aim to create a soul-cleansing, transformative experience that ultimately will induce a feeling of what it is to be in the presence of a higher power.

Ok, sounds interesting, so what is involved?

It’s going to be a four-hour epic journey that will take you through moments of fear, suspense, sci-fi and supposedly rebirth. During trials it is said that participants experience uncontrollable crying, sweating and moments where they were unable to move. We can’t say what exactly it will entail, it’s all rather allusive, but that’s the point. Who knows what you will experience? Will you come out cleansed, energised and having found a higher power or will you come out thinking. ‘what on earth was that?’. It remains to be seen.

Can anyone attend?

In short no. If you suffer from epilepsy unfortunately you can’t attend. Likewise, if you If you suffer from Nyctophobia (fear of the dark), Aphenphosmphobia, (fear of being touched), Aquaphobia (fear of getting wet) or Automysophobia (fear of getting dirty), then this is not for you either. On arrival all make up, perfume and jewellery must be removed, long hair must be tied back, and clothing must be swapped for a uniform. If you are able to attend and brave enough to take the first step then apparently you will reach a state you won’t want to wake up from.

How can I attend?

The project starts on the 19th April and runs until the 12th May 2019 and tickets cost £72. That said they are hosting a series of preview nights, from the 9th -17th April where you can snap up a ticket for just £16. Bargain.

The Waldorf Project: Chapter Four / BARZAKH takes place at   The Wheat Quarter (The Old Shredded Wheat Factory) in Welwyn Garden City from the 19th April -12th May 2019 with previews taking place from the 9th -17th April 2019.