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The Handbook

Remember kaleidoscopes, off of childhood? This was full-on Lucy In The Sky style tripping for 6 year olds, as the colours rotated and combined. It was legit nearly as mind-bending as those origami fortune tellers. Mine was red and plastic and without fail would induce a Timothy Leary experience. But now Londoners can repeat the sensation and on a massive massive scale, as Kaleidoscope at the Saatchi Gallery opens tomorrow and runs until May 5th – wahoo!

London artist Laura Buckley specialises in ‘walk in multimedia’, no not a euphemism for James May’s wardrobe but rather giant, kaleidoscopic creations that are, if you’ll allow me to borrow from my inner child-of-the-90s- seriously rad. Or is that 80s? Either way.

The artwork is one of the pieces lined up for the Saatchi Gallery’s new exhibition, ‘Kaleidoscope’. Among a series of different takes, Buckley’s ‘Fata Morgana’ takes things the most literal, with her giant creation. Fata morgana is a posh name for a mirage, but unlike a mirage you can touch, feel and walk into this artwork.

So where can you experience this artistic psychedelic monstrosities? The Saatchi Gallery, that’s where. The Duke of York gallery will be hosting Buckley’s works from March to May.

Catch Laura Buckley’s Fata Morgana at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4RY, from Friday 15th March to Sunday 5th May,