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The Handbook

Russian restaurateur Leonid Shutov is at it again, creating miracles and sprinkling them across London. You may be familiar with Bob Bob Ricard the restaurant so nice they named it twice, with a press for Champagne button that takes a lot of trumping.

And today sees the opening of its little sister Bob Bob Cité, ( we’re all saying “finally” as Shutov’s last opening was 18 months behind schedule and this one was delayed by fourteen months!) Alas, perfection doesn’t come easily so we’re happy to let Shutov off!  The restaurant resides inside the Leadenhall Building or, for those who love cheese, you might know it better as the ‘Cheesegrater,’ and on the note of cheese, Eric Chavot has been hurled in to man the kitchen, allowing the cuisine to change to Anglo-Russian from French.

So what can we expect… aside from a whole lotta Champers? Well Bob Bob Cité incoporates many of the same embellishments of the first, boasting excellence in interiors in a 30-meter high open-air atrium. Snazzy! The main area is large with seating for 190 available, and there will also be  three private dining suites for you to Champagne it up in to your hearts content.

The famed button is pushed into every booth, so maybe best not to take the kids as it might result in a hefty bill and a hangover… (we know how much kids love to press buttons). Magnums, Jeroboams and even Methuselahs are available on the Champagne front, all of which can be enjoyed amongst the glamour of the very, very Instagrammable space.

Bob Bob Cité opened today at The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, EC3V 4AB,

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