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Chances are you don’t have a spare £150,000 to splash out on your baby shower like Meghan Markle’s pals, you probably don’t have the maternity wardrobe to match either, just saying. But before you throw your toys out of the pram, we have some good news. Sky high, Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, London is launching a new Royal High Tea celebrating the upcoming arrival of the royal baby and motherhood, making it the new place to host your baby shower. Meghan missed out.

Much to the horror of Jamie Oliver, no doubt, I grew up on a diet that revolved around homemade cakes and puddings made by my Mum. Afternoons would be spent, picking up tips (tins lined with butter and flour can replace grease proof paper don’t you know?) and trying to lick the spoon and it seems like the chefs at the hotel had similar experiences. Each cake and pastry will honour the women that inspired the chefs to work in the culinary industry. You’ll find Head Pastry Chef Benoit’s Mother’s blueberry cheesecake, Chef Emma’s Granny’s Victoria sponge and Executive Sous Chef David’s Mother’s passion fruit cream – it’s a wonderful nostalgic touch.

To accompany the cakes will be sandwiches, freshly baked scones and signature Shangri-La loose leaf teas. For those on the nine-month drinking ban aka the expectant mothers there’ll be pink and blue mocktails including the Rock-A-Bye Baby and for the cheer team there’ll be the Little Miss Royal and The Little Prince cocktail.

The tea launches just in time for Mother’s Day and every mother will receive a bouquet of flowers and a royal baby cocktail or mocktail. Expectant mothers will also receive a very special surprise gift (hopefully not an early arrival).

So, whilst you might not have private jets and penthouse suites, you can still indulge in the sky, taking in the panoramic views of London and celebrating the women in your life and that’s pretty special.

The Royal High Tea is available from 30th March 2019 until 12th May inclusive 2019, with a Mother’s Day special.