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Surprise, Surprise! Kinder Just Launched An Ice Cream

Picture this: the sun has finally risen on a rain washed London and, as lunch break arrives, you muster up the courage to head to the freezer section at your local convenience store. Your taste buds are tantalised by the sound of ice-cream but it’s only 23 degrees outside which, as a Brit, seems sweltering hot. But you worry – what will your colleagues think of you eating a Calippo at the desk?

Horrified at the prospect you turn away but as you do KINDER ice-cream catches your eye. KINDER? Surely not, you think, sure that the scorching heat has tampered with your judgement. And yet as you walk closer you realise your eyes haven’t deceived you – KINDER has created a whole bunch of mouth-watering ice-creams, so you grab a tonne in haste and become the office hero!

The rumours are true; the choccie giants that are KINDER are giving us the gift of a brand new ice-cream range just in time for summer that will include a conglomeration of all things delicious; from the delicious KINDER Ice Cream Stick, the convenient KINDER Ice Cream Sandwich and the iconic KINDER Joy Ice Cream. Well isn’t this just a fabulous (KINDER) surprise! You can now get your hands on the treats in multi packs at Ocado, or Asda (so we’ve heard on the ice-cream grapevine).

Plus, as a result of this truly choc-tastic introduction there’ll be a pop-up event on London’s South Bank Observation Point, Friday 8th – Sunday 10th March, harking back to sunnier days and looking forward to a summer filled with KINDER. There’ll be all sorts on the cards, from a countdown to KINDER super fans getting their hands on the new range before anyone else at the pop-up.

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for KINDER ice-cream…