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The Handbook

When reviewing restaurants you always hope that the chef will read the article, and if they take onboard the feedback you gave about the chips not needing to be served in a mini deep fat fryer (whoever thought that was a good idea needs to have a word with themselves) then even better. What you don’t expect is for the restaurant to take your words and use them to create a whole new brunch… but M Restaurants has gone there. 

They’ve taken Bill Knott of the Financial Times words “Stylish and ambitious…Michael Reid’s menu matches beauty with the beast” and have created a new Beauty and Beast bottomless brunch, sorry Disney fans it’s not about Belle or her questionable lover, rather it’s about the dishes. Do you want to choose from lighter fresh ‘beauty’ options or are you after carnivorous beastly dishes? It could also be a reference to how you may or may not look after two hours of bottomless cocktails (including whiskey sours, espresso martinis and Aperol spritz), beer, wine and prosecco.

Don’t want to be in a food induced slump later? Go for something light like the burrata with peas, wasabi and cucumber or Cobia sashimi with cucumber, white soy sauce and aged vinegar. Just wanting to indulge? Then choose from The Big M Burger, the Tomahawk steak and chicken karage with a chilli and caramel glaze, Nori Kewpie mayonnaise and fermented daikon.

Whether you intend to be a beauty, a beast or somewhere in between, we predict this feast is about to make a big entrance onto the brunch scene.

Starting this weekend (23rd March), the Beauty and Beast brunch will be served at both Threadneedle Street and Victoria M Restaurants every Saturday 11am -4pm.