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Daisy me rollin’, they hatin’…

Let’s get down to business – there’s a Mario Kart Live Experience coming to London and we kart wait! The peachy event will see all of your MK fantasies come true as you don the outfits of your favourite characters (bagsie the Mushroom… because, he’s a Fungi), and get yourselves on the right track at Mushroom Rally.

If you’re one of those Mario super-fans who didn’t manage to grab tickets at last year’s event then now is  your chance. Flick on your star power, drive through those speed-up mushrooms and get yourself on track to winning the rally.

The fandango involves a custom-built track that, we admit, isn’t as terrifying as Rainbow Road nor as cow-fuelled as Moo Moo Meadows, but it does boast a whole load of mushrooms, colour and some of those annoying clouds that electrocute you just as you get to the finish line… queue everyone, yes everyone, overtaking you.

The Mushroom Rally experience tours the world, stopping in various locations including NYC and Australia. Yes, we know you’re probably chiming out “but when does it come to London,” and fear not fellow karters, July 27th and 28th is your calling. The Summer is the ideal time to get your Mario on, barging pals off the track and being your most competitive self!

The aim of the game, like the screen version, is to grab yourself a place on the podium. So, metaphorically fire those red shells, pop yourself in a rocket, green shell the hell out of your competitors and secure that top spot!

It’s a real photo opportunity, a heck of a laugh and an experience you need to get tickets for ASAP as, surprise, surprise, they’re running low!

It’s-a Mario Kart!

Tickets include two sessions of racing in a secret London location. Get tickets here