Attenborough Is Back!

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
4th April 2019

Genuine question: if Prince Philip dies, can the queen just marry Sir David Attenborough? Not only would they be super-cute together, but also it only seems right, the great man certainly deserves to be king. Unconvinced? Check out Our Planet, the latest Netflix show fronted by the nation’s favourite OAP (now that Brucie’s gone, at least), and you’ll see what I mean.

While national treasure David Attenborough is the face (well, voice) of Netflix’s incredible new nature show, it’s the planet itself that takes centre stage in this nature epic series. Made by the same people that did Blue Planet, the BBC obviously didn’t have deep enough pockets for this eight parter, and it looks like Netflix’s unending cash splurge has resulted in some phenomenal footage.

All narrated by Attenborough, the show promises to be as definitive as you’d expect, but it also comes at a prescient moment. Along with the whales and whatnot comes a stark environmental message. The series begins with an image of earth from outer space and Attenborough remarks that since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon (an event that Sir David, incidentally, covered as producer for the BBC back in 1969), the global population has doubled and the world’s wildlife has declined by 60%.

At a clear inflexion point of the planet, Attenborough is leading the charge to bring our attention to the damage we’re doing and what we stand to lose. But even if you’re still wilfully sucking from your non-recyclable coffee cup with a drinking straw while you operate your coal powered power station, you can sit back and enjoy pretty footage of flamingos standing on one leg. There really is something for everyone.

Our Planet launches on Netflix tomorrow, Friday April 5th.

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