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The Handbook

Spring has sprung, the Chelsea Flower Show is around the corner and blossom is a’blooming like it’s going out of fashion. And, in true floral fashion, Belgravia are jumping straight on the beautiful bandwagon to line shop windows and doorways with flora and fauna of booming and attractive colours.

The initiative comes as part of the Grosvenor Britain & Ireland’s annual floral festival, Belgravia in Bloom, which is now in its fourth year and will this turn triumph ‘The Language of Flowers’ theme. We’re talking 50 plus spellbinding spirals of floral installation and events galore spanning across Elizabeth Street, Motcom Street, Pimlico Road and Eccleston Yards.

So how about a little history to all this blooming marvellous action? Well, the language of flowers concept of which this year is based around, or ‘floriography,’ as it’s also known, was a Victorian-era concept that allowed individuals to share secret messages through bouquets and potted plants – naughty, naughty! Imagine the awkwardness if someone accidentally picked up your message… And, as a nod to the secret web once spun, Belgravia in Bloom has decorated itself silly to commemorate the beautiful way of messaging, that makes text and e-mail look totally low rent!

Immersive experiences will be free, and available in abundance, whilst Eccleston Yards will provide creative workshops with highlights of herbal tea blending and Mood Gardens in the Halkin Arcade, off Motcomb Street. Alongside these hands on events, influence will also seep through products and experiences by Belgravia retailers including a new Rose Petal 25 fragrance launched by Jo Loves and Peggy Porschen will create a series of delicious cakes and cupcakes to celebrate.

There’ll be plenty more going on and plenty to Instagram. We’re already predicting photo goals across our social feeds! So, for a floral extravaganza like no other, it’s Belgravia in Bloom this spring!

Feast on all things floral from the 20th-25th of May,