More Divisive Than Brexit…

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
3rd April 2019

Planning a tuna mayo sandwich for lunch? Know what’d make that bad boy a whole lot tastier? Cucumber? Yes. Maybe sweet chilli? Sure. And what about Creme Egg? Errrr.

Step forward Heinz.

Against all logic and sanity, and no we’ve not been duped into writing up an April fool’s, they’ve launched their own mayonnaise made from… Creme Egg. The delicious-slash-disgusting concoction will be available to unwitting punters in a pop-up next week and we’ve got to admit, we’re kinda curious.

As well as a smart way to grab headlines, there might even be some method in the madness. After all, even the doyens of mayo, Hellman’s (sorry, Heinz) have a recipe on their website for mayonnaise chocolate cake. A colleague’s father even swears by the stuff.

Heinz have form in this area, they recently launched ketchup caviar, and now this monstrosity. According to Raphael Capitani, the brand manager for Cadbury Creme Egg (arguably the best job in the world), “We’re so excited to announce that our Heinz [Seriously] Good Cadbury Creme Egg Mayo collaboration is actually happening, and can’t wait for people to try it for themselves”. 

So, where can you get a hold of this gloopy madness? You’ll need to get your deranged self down to Ely’s Yard at the Truman Brewery to the free event next Thursday until next Saturday and then you can gorge yourself to your heart’s content (or your heart’s triple bypass).

As for the tuna mayo sandwich, maybe stick with sweetcorn.

Heinz [Seriously] Good Cadbury Creme Egg Mayo collaboration runs from Thursday 11th April until Saturday 13th April


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