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We’re guessing that dwarf tossing, topless models and rampant drug abuse are not on the menu at M Restaurants next week, but what is is an intimate dinner with the actual Wolf of Wall Street. We’ve all seen the movie, where Leonardo di Caprio’s character, Jordan Belfort scams his way into Wall Street and proceeded to earn over $50m a year through fraudulent financial dealings. The shenanigans at his firm led to a Hollywood blockbuster, and the man behind the real story is sure to be equally compelling.

Jordan Belfort built his company, Stratton Oakfield, around the simple ‘pump and dump’ scam, defrauding investors along the way to fund his lavish lifestyle. Under investigation by the financial authorities for several years, the whole thing came tumbling down as the company was revealed to be a sham. Belfort has, arguably, since gone on a tour of redemption, telling his story and revealing all. Which brings him to M Restaurant Victoria, in the very financial capital of the world.

The dinner will present a chance to get to know Belfort, with an intimate Q&A session, while dinging on Calfornian wines and enjoying a three-course USA themed steak dinner.

There’s a reason that they made a massive Hollywood movie about Jordan Belfort and not Fred Goodwin! Find out at M Restaurant Threadneedle Street.

Wednesday 8th May, at 1830. Click here to book tickets… 

If, for whatever reason, you can’t make the M Restaurant event, Belfort will be returning to Indigo O2 to share his secrets for the 10th anniversary of his autobiography ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, for more information visit