No Kew-ing For This Paradise: Kew Launches Children’s Garden

By Lottie Woodrow |
30th April 2019

Kew is launching a Children's Garden

Big kids rejoice – we can confirm the rumours are true! Kew is opening up an immense interactive children’s garden allowing you to run, jump, scream and shout, whether you are five or 55. 

Spanning over the size of 40 tennis courts, children are encouraged to explore the wonderful ways of the natural elements and discover everything it takes for a plant to grow. Opening May 18th, the space is designed specially to teach ages two to 12-year-olds the importance of nature, with four areas dedicated to the natural elements; earth, air, sun and water.  Hidden treasures and adventures await amongst the mythical trees, leading to a four-metre-high canopy walk encasing an arcane 400-year-old oak set in the heart of the children’s garden

Kew Gardens launches new kids garden

Children and adults-alike will be able to learn about earth science, from the germination process to plants with wild and interweaving roots in the Earth Garden. Children and adults-alike will be racing through the magnificent living bamboo tunnel, explore the jungle-style palms and swoop down the slippery ‘worm-hole’ tubes.  

Gaze up at the sky in the hammocks and periscopes nestled across the Air Garden, which is scattered with a forest of bright spinning windflowers, giant pollen spheres and every child’s favourite – bubbles – floating through the summer breeze.  

The Sun Garden is pathed with towering sunflowers – at least towering the smaller ones of the group – and pink candy floss garden seed. Locked in the Water Garden, you can find yourself splashing around and jumping across stepping stones inspired by the giant water lily, where children can learn the vital role of the water cycle.  

The Interactive Children’s Garden opens on May 18th at Kew, Richmond, TW9 3AE,

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