If you have no intention of losing your veganity any time soon then it can feel like you’re in the minority. Everyone around you seems to be doing it and raving about the benefits. You’re part of #meatfreemondays but there’s no way you’re giving up that bacon sandwich at the weekend. Sound familiar? Well you’re in luck, because tomorrow is the first National Steak Day and it’s already proving to be wildly popular.

 Image credit:  Carnivore Style

No, this isn’t a day to gorge yourself senseless on as much meat as you can, but to appreciate the fact that if we all need to cut back on red meat for both environmental and health reasons, that when we do eat embrace our carnivorous side, we should be choosing the best quality. Basically, say no to poorly farmed cattle and yes to beef that has been well treated and responsibly sourced it is 2019 after all.

National Steak Day will bring over 160 restaurants from the U.K and the Republic of Ireland together to showcase the excellence of the industry, with each restaurant offering at least one steak on their menu at a 25% discount on Thursday 25th or a special menu with added value. Restaurants taking part include Smith & Wollensky, M Restaurant, Mews of Mayfair, The Jones Family Project, Hammer + Tongs, Barbecoa and Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea and a whole host of other top restaurants – if it’s a good steak restaurant chances are it is going to be part of this new  (over due) national event.

So tomorrow head out for dinner, it’s a chance to try some of London’s best restaurants at a discounted price and that’s always a good thing.

National Steak Day launches on the 25th April 2019