Savage Garden is taking ‘hair of the dog’ to the next level by actually bringing dog hair to brunch. No this isn’t Goop’s latest way to achieve eternal youth although if you had told us that it was, we wouldn’t be surprised, rather Savage Garden is launching a new dog brunch that will take place on the first Sunday of every month.

Launching this weekend, the brunch will be in partnership with pet accessories brand, Hiro + Wolf who will be giving out a special accessory surprise and goodie bags for your four-legged pal as well as giving you a chance to check-out their other handmade products.

To eat, your canine can get stuck into a pupcake made from dog-friendly ingredients. For you there’ll be panko chicken cutlets with bacon and radish salad; sunny-fried eggs, and bourbon glazed beef short rib with charred sourdough and poached eggs. To drink there’ll be dog hair free bloody Mary ‘red snappers’ and mimosas.

Don’t have a dog? No dog means no responsibility and like the fun aunt or uncle you can get involved with the Play Brunch which is all about the drinking games and fawn over other people’s dogs safe in the knowledge you’re not going to be picking up after anyone later, however cute they may be. Win win.

The dog brunch is taking place on the Sunday 7th April from 12pm -4pm at Savage Garden and will take place on the first Sunday of every month.