The New Brexit Cocktail Menu That (Theresa) May Split Opinion

By Lottie Hulme |
23rd April 2019

Brexit; it’s the word on everyone’s lips at the moment so why not make it the taste of everyone’s lips too? St Martins Lane hotel has done just that it seems, with the intro of their new Brexit-inspired twist given to their already existing Spin the Globe cocktail menu.

Brexit really did spin the globe… and is still spinning it, come to think of it! So, it’s addition to the ‘Spin The Globe’ cocktail menu is a clever one. The existing menu from Blind Spot’s Bar Manager, Chris Ariza, features an explosive menu built on the scents, flavours and histories of global destinations. You’ll enjoy the cocktails in the St Martins Lane speakeasy, making Brexit fun… for once!

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Spin The Globe With A Twist 🌍

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What’s more there’ll be a 17% discount on all the featured cocktails. If you’re sat there totally dumfounded at how random a 17% discount is then you need to brush up on your political game! Just kidding, we were confused too, but 17% stands for the millions of people who voted in the Referendum! Very clever, Blind Spot! There’s more; said offer will in fact run for 27 days which, we’ll have you know, represents the number of EU countries, without the UK. Simply quote “Brexit,” (if you’re not already fed up with saying it that is) and the deal is yours! At least that’s one deal confirmed hey?

So, what’s on the menu? Well, you’ve got a tasty Amsterdam offering with Ciroc vodka, Dom Benedictine liqueur, Abbott’s Bitters and cloves-infused dry vermouth, or how about some je ne sais quoi with a Marseille offering boasting Grey Goose La Poire vodka? There are ten tasty cocktails on offer, including the recent addition of Brussels.

Cocktail it up at Blind Spot, 45 St. Martin’s Lane, WC2N 4HX. More information here

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