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I’m not sure how posh you have to be to answer the question ‘how do you like your eggs in the morning?’ with ‘Faberge’d’, but you’d probably be the sort of person who stays at The Ritz.

Oh, unrelated, did you know that The Ritz have just launched a three-course Fabergè Easter lunch menu?

The lunch has been created by The Ritz’s Exec Chef, John Williams, inspired by Peter Carl Fabergé’s iconic Mosaic Egg from 1914. The real thing’s in the British Royal Collection, the Queen probably eats it with actual soldiers. But William’s dish itself mirrors the multi-coloured Fabergé Treillage egg pendant, and this is cookery to the nth degree as it uses the inside of an egg shell as a mould for the delicate dish and features a soft-boiled quail’s egg encased in a lobster mousseline and decorated with vegetable teas set into pasta. It’s served on a bed of Oscietra caviar and finished with a langoustine à la name source. Just don’t order it scrambled.

The Eggs Fabergè dish is available to hotel guests who book in for the three-course Fabergè menu at the Michelin-starred restaurant over Easter week and comes with pairings from the restaurant’s Head of Wine, Giovanni Ferlito. You even get to keep the limited-edition menu card, which is signed by chef John Williams and Sarah Fabergé.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a further gimmick to make it worth your while. If you order the eggy delight then you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a Faberge gold egg pendant made by actual Fabergè

And the price, is a total bargain. Sort of. If you’re in the market for an actual Fabergè egg, budget around £10m. So the £295 Ritz meal is 0.00003% of the value, a snip. That said, given a Creme Egg retails for around 50p, it’s 590 times more expensive. All depends on your perspective.