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The Handbook

The Queen of Hoxton has chosen a theme for their summer rooftop, and it’s Mexican lady wrestlers. Too niche? Not at all, lucha libra, the incredibly colourful Mexican version of wrestling, is seriously hot right now, and with a summer promising to be equally warm it’s a smart choice.

The Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop will become the den of the Luchadores (or lady wrestlers) and the whole space will be taking its inspiration from the frenetic fiestas and vividly coloured back-streets of Mexico’s San Christabel.

We’re always a sucker for a rooftop, especially one with a theme. Add in ‘the baddest bitches in Mexican female wrestling’ and you’ve got a hit.

The rooftop will be awash with giant frozen Margaritas while we get tipsy on tequila (complete with optional edible bugs) and wolf down tacos (no bugs included).

Meanwhile, prepare to learn some moves in the wrestling ring (okay, so it’s arm wrestling, but still), under the tuition of Lola Gonzalez, the rebel Queen of the Lucha Libre movement.

The rooftop opens on Wednesday 1st May, bring your best (arm) wrestling moves.

1 Curtain Road, Hackney, EC2A 3JX