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Why ever would you be searching for this? Either way, here’s the low-down on what we can print about what we know about the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, bezzie mates (or not) of Prince William and Kate…


Yes, the pronunciation of Cholmondley is ‘Chumley’. The sort of opposite of Hyacinth Bucket syndrome, turning a plummy name into something of a comedy one. Nevertheless, that’s how these posh folk roll. Next question…

And you’re saying she’s a martian?

No, not Martian, while these people may live on another planet, she’s actually a Marchioness, which is the the title of someone married to a Marquess.

I’m not sure you’ve shed much light there…

Fair dos. So a Marquess is an aristocratic rank just below a duke but above an earl. You thought that British society was riddled with class distinctions? The top tier is even more so, you’ve got baronets, barons, viscounts, earls, marquesses, dukes and then royals (who might be all of the above at once). Let’s move on before we get bogged down.

So who is the Marchioness of Cholmondley married to?

She married David Cholmondeley, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley in 2009 when she was 25 and he was a grand old marquess of 48 years old.

Interesting. What was her background?

Born Rose Hanbury, she was a fashion model and was presumably married to the marquess at the muzzle of something of a shotgun given they announced their engagement in June 2009, married in June 2009 and then had their first children, twins, in, um, 2009, four months later. Her parents are Tim, a web developer, and Emma, a fashion designer.

And where do William and Kate fit?

They’re all part of the ‘Turnip Toffs’

You’re going to have to explain that…

The Marquess and Marchioness live at the very grand Haughton Hall in Norfolk. Beyond their 7,500 acres there are other members of this elite set of agri-aristos, cutely and probably self-styled the ‘Turnip Toffs’. Members of this clique include William van Cutsem, godfather to Prince George, the Viscount and Viscountess Coke of Holkham, Prince William’s cousin Laura Fellowes and Lord Fellowes, and a bunch of others. They do posh stuff like shooting things, riding swans or whatever it is people this posh do for fun.

And what’s the rumour

Well, the rumour goes that former fashion model Rose was once very friendly with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and a close confidant of Wills. And now, for a mystery reason that may or may not come up on Google from news outlets not based in the UK, they are not so close friends. Not so close at all.

What, I read all this way for that?

Them’s the breaks. Speak to our lawyers.