The Handbook
The Handbook

Forget social climbing, welcome to social toddling, now there’s a a private members’ club that’s only for children. Unlikely to be as hedonistic as The Groucho, as A-list as 5 Hertford Street or as swanky as Annabel’s, its members will be more likely to be hospitalised than Hospital, grow faster than The Ivy and, fingers crossed, be less trampy than Tramp. Meet the kiddo club that’s basically the new Shoreditch (Wendy) House: it’s George Junior.

The idea’s simple, adults have been joining exclusive clubs for generations, but George Junior takes this to a logical conclusion, extending membership from an early age so that kids can reap the benefits of membership too. Benefits available to kiddo members include inspiring competitions, a monthly newsletter packed with fun facts and brain teasers, as well as a bespoke hoodie, book-bag, baseball cap, membership card and, of course, a cuddly toy.


So, which social hoops does a prospective seven-year-old member have to jump through to be extended membership? Well first he or she will need to have a parent who’s a member, but there’s more to it than that. There’s an application form with important do-or-die questions like ‘Shark or Dolphin’ or ‘Dinosaurs or Space’ (that one split the office) and a requirement that prospective members agree to be kind and compassionate (a suggestion that sadly wouldn’t fly in many adult private members’ clubs!).

George Junior may sound like an Asda clothing line, but it’s actually a really neat idea. In general clubs are struggling to attract younger members, and those that are clubbable are magpie-like attracted only to rooftop pools, which is a shame as it neglects the diversity of London’s club scene in which clubs like George play an important role. George Junior provides a reliable pipeline as well as showing children how a club should look and work.

So raise your sippy cups to the latest London club, all hail George Junior.