Backyard Cinema Gets A Permanent Home… In Our Back Yard!

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
26th May 2019

‘Not in my back yard’ has become a phrase so over-used that it’s got it’s own acronym, but we certainly aren’t NIMBYs when it comes to this one; because Backyard Cinema is coming to our actual back yard, and we’re buzzing about it!

Of course everyone gets a little excited when a new place opens round the corner from the office (the effect of a Gail’s Bakery currently being fitted out a few doors down from us will raise my Sainsbury’s Meal Deal game), but when it comes to Backyard Cinema, it’s even better because there’s little we love more than a good night at the pictures, add in some summery weather and a bit of interactivity and themed decor and they’re Citizen Kane-ing it.

Back Yard Cinema started a few years back in Dominic Davies’ actual back yard, begining when he strongarmed friends and neighbours into helping him string up festoon lights, setting up a makeshift bedsheet screen and getting hold of a projector. Things have come a long way since then, but the essence has remained with production quality going through where the roof would be, and cinemas run on a pop-up basis across London, currently at Camden’s Roundhouse and Islington’s Union Chapel. And now Wandsworth.

The home of outdoor cinema has signed a five year lease for the old TV studios made famous by Ready, Steady, Cook and Saturday Morning Kitchen and will move into the new site, just off the Wandsworth gyratory system, later this year. And the timing couldn’t be better, with a number of massive residential projects coming to an end nearby, not least in the old Ram Brewery.

So what can we expect? Well a development on their winning formula, we suspect. Already known for showing flicks with themed backdrops, we expect the new permanent site will give them an opportunity to up the interactive-ness of the offering. Able to offer viewing experiences to upto 250 punters, we’re looking forward to something special.

Say NIMBY to multiplexes, and hello to Backyard Cinema.

Backyard Cinema opens in Wandsworth in September 2019

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