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The Handbook

Festival season is properly on, and so is this years’s asparagus season, so what could be better than combining the two? Unless you’re visiting the Portaloos, that is.

So think the folks at the West Hampstead Asparagus Festival, at least, who will head to the genteel surroundings of the London’s Farmer’s Market where the spikey veg will play centre stage, being included in all manner of foodstuffs including¬†asparagus pizza, freshly baked asparagus tarts, asparagus pesto, and asparagus ravioli.

As if that wasn’t enough, local joint Ham Restaurant will be joining the asparagussy madness thanks to Head Chef Matt Osborne. The chef will be showcasing the seasonal veg with a live cooking sesh in the morning and with audience questions invited. He’ll be preparing and plating pressed chicken leg with cow’s curd mousse and a fresh asparagus served with basil salad and available for all market-goers to purchase.

And it’s not just Ham, plenty of growers and stall holders will be there, with all manner of asparagus products on offer to asparagus fans. Forget Glastonbury, this is the festival to be at this summer (although maybe don’t cancel the Glasto tickets).

Station Forecourt, West Hampstead, NW6 2LJ