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Astonishingly it’s estimated one third of food produced is wasted every year. Don’t get us wrong, we love indulging in lunch dates and dinners out as much as the next person. However, it’s important to be aware of our foodie decisions. Whether you’re still ordering the dessert you’ve been eyeing up all night knowing full well you’re only having a spoonful. Or if you went in too hard with the freebies to finish your mains, it’s important to reduce the amount of food we waste.

To fight help fight waste, a food waste pledge has been created by The Crown Estate. Regent Street and St James’s will be the first destinations in the UK to commit to reducing their food waste by at least 25% by May 2020.

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Currently the UK food service chucks out enough food to fill The Shard 11 times over every year. The Crown Estate is fighting to change this. Inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goal 12 which aims to reduce food waste by 50% per capita by 2030, The Crown Estate is proactively getting on board to help reduce the food waste problem. In addition, to help keep the restaurants on track is the Sustainable Restaurant Association. They will be offering guidance and help towards sustaining this goal.

Both Regent Street and St James’s are home to a whole range of restaurants, from Michelin-star dining in St James’s Market to a small tucked away café on Heddon Street. Restaurants joining in with the scheme include: Brasserie Zedel; Angela Hartnett’s Café Murano; Frescobaldi; Hawksmoor Air Street; Hotel Café Royal’s Laurent; ikoyi; Ralph’s Coffee and Bar; Scully; Stem and tibits.

2019 is not only marking this progressive change for Regent Street but it also marks its 200th anniversary. The Food Waste Pledge is incredibly proactive and allows Londoner’s to look back at the areas heritage as London’s first shopping street, but also to the positive change it’s making to help shape London’s future.

Regent Street and St James’s begin The Food Waste Pledge this month (May 2019).