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Believe it *ore* not, it’s only a month until the Japanese architect, Junya Ishigami takes over the Serpentine Gallery for their 19th annual Serpentine Pavilion. Each year, one of the world’s greatest architects is given a global platform to showcase an experimental project – and this years will rock your socks, quite literally.

Known globally for his exceptional architecture, Ishigami has designed everything from indoor cloud gardens to glass greenhouses with more than 300 columns, all differing in size. Lets face it, every house, building, even shed has a roof. It’s the most common and important architectural feature. Ishigami draws on roofs as inspiration for his architectural projects, including this one.

This year’s Serpentine Pavilion will be made by arranging slates to create a single canopy roof that gradually surfaces from the ground of the surrounding park. From the outside, it’ll look as though you’re reaching a towering hill. Meanwhile underneath will feel as though you’re walking through a smog-infested cave that’s gradually caving its way in. The proposed image above shows the pavilion slammed with pouring rain. Ishigami has clearly thought about the British climate and how unpredictable its weather can be with this installation…

Ishigami known for prize-winning architectural firm, Junya Ishigami + Associates. The studio focuses on drawing new boundaries of what is possible with architecture through challenging existing architectural trends and constructing new alternatives. With this new project, Ishigami hopes to play with our perspectives with his take on the pavilion against the backdrop of the natural environment in the Serpentine Galleries grounds. While many only dream of creating objects that levitate, Ishigami is a mastermind who makes the dream a reality.

Boulder up the courage and view this otherworldly architectural installation while you can.

Serpentine Pavilion 2019 runs June 21st until October 6th at Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, W2 3XA,