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The Handbook

London has a lot of crazy events going on, from the mental monster obstacle course, to weirdo museums to Brexit. But the top etchelon has to include Ally Pally’s Red Bull Soapbox race, so nutty that it’s become an national institution, equally bizarre and thrilling. It’s Cool Runnings meets Felix Baumgartner meets flying paper maché Boris Johnson.

The concept is simple. Using only gravity competitors must get themselves and their homemade contraptions from the top of the course to the end. Oh, and over any obstacles en route.

The soapbox cars themselves come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the seriously competitive to the bizarrely decorated and this whacky race doesn’t fail to entertain.

Apart from the costumes and outlandish designs there’s crashes. Brilliant crashes. All right in front of you if you buy a ticket to this July event.

Tickets for the extravaganza are selling faster than a speeding downhill paper mache Rodney and Delboy car so get one quick for this summer event that should be up there with Ascot and Wimbledon on the social calendar.