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When you live in London, you become accustomed to planning your routes around avoiding the tourist-infested streets, pinpointing certain areas to miss and cross off your list to bypass. But the time always comes to suck it up and barge past the crowds of people huddling around a juggler, a tin man and even a floating Yoda… That being said, around the city there are the good, the bad and the ones to wholeheartedly miss when it comes to street performers. But there definitely are some showstoppers and ones even a Londoners eye should see.

Covent Garden

Eddy Izzard eat your heart out… quite literally. Back in his yonder years, Izzard was actually a regular amongst the Covent Garden street performers. And the talent doesn’t stop there. Covent Garden street entertainment has been knocking about since 1662 and hundreds of years later, the trend continues. It’s a go-to stop for tourists, and lets be real, where the tourists flock, so do the performers…

Leicester Square

London’s very own Times Square, you either love or hate strolling through Leicester Square. And like Times Square, it’s certainly not shy of a street performer or two… Here you’ll find all sorts from street dancers looping the streets to buskers belting their heart (and lungs) out. It’s the perfect spot to be fully immersed in and even a Londoner begins to feel like a tourist.

Trafalgar Square

In the heart of the city, you’ll find Trafalgar Square, rich in history, culture and entertainment. You’ll often find dancers jumping around the fountains, statues and drawing in crowds in this already crowded square… Even if you’re just passing through, going from museum to museum, it’s easy to be mesmerised by the talented acts surrounding you.


Walk along Southbank and you’ll find cheeky chap Charlie Chaplin awaiting your arrival… Him and the famous graffiti tunnel, Leake Street, which is worth a gander in itself. If that doesn’t take your fancy, Southbank is riddled with entertainers, performers and artists. You name it and you’ll probably find it in some shape or form along the riverbank.

Piccadilly Circus

All though this area is every commuters worst nightmare (and sadly reality), it would be rude not to include one of London’s most iconic tourist spots, Piccadilly Circus. When I say iconic, in other words I mean it’s piled with crowds of tourists trying aimlessly to dodge the black cabs and double-decker buses. If you can push your mind past that, then it’s a great spot to people watch and of course, street performer watch.